Audi Driving Experience

Driving an Audi just got better

The harnessed power of a mighty engine at your fingertips. The thrill of agility and performance at your command. What could be better than being behind the wheel of an Audi and experiencing all this? How about having the knowledge and training that would make you a certified Audi Advanced Driver, able to make the best possible use of every single one of Audi’s innovations? This is exactly what Audi’s Advanced Driving Promgramme offers you.

The Audi Driving Experience (ADE) is the first and longest-running advanced driving programme in South Africa. The Audi Driving Experience has been providing advanced driving education programmes to South African motorists and making a major contribution to road safety since 1987. Research and development, past experience and input from international advanced driving courses have made the Audi driving experience academy one of the best driver training programmes in South Africa.

Now it’s your chance to experience the latest and most advanced features in automobile safety technology. Audi’s advanced driving programme will improve your driving skills, awareness and concentration, and enjoy a consistently safer driving experience. So, whether you’d like to participate as an individual or as part of a team-building initiative, all that remains is to choose the advanced driving course best suited to you.